Our Niche Scraper review ( with 55% Coupon Code) is providing solution to dropshipping and ecommerce businesses by spying on competitor’s product and save you from losses as beginners.

Shopify Drop-shipping, especially, is becoming more popular in the times and many of us have already started our online stores or are looking forward to doing so as soon as possible.

The emerging trend of e-commerce and the Covid-19 Pandemic has led many of us towards finding ways to earn our livelihood while staying safe at home.

The very first thing that comes to our mind while starting a store IS…


This is the point where most of the drop-shippers face huge losses being beginners and eventually trying some products that haven’t attracted any sales but irreversible advertisement expenses.


To find a winning product for drop shipping store is not so easy if you are doing it without using any services. Therefore, I have done a In-depth Niche scraper review to let to help take a decision whether you need this service or not.

And to be true I have faced the same situation and that was the time I came to know about the amazing Niche Scraper (www.nichescraper.com) – The Best Winning Product Tool.

Therefore, I have written an article on Niche scraper review which will be helpful to find a winning product for your drop shipping store.

The Dark Truth about Emerging Drop-shippers

Every Single Day 1000s of new drop shippers are entering in the online marketplace with their new and innovative stores.

Few of them starts with a niche store with testing 1-5 products and others who are having good financial status starts to manage a general store with multiple products and multiple sales channels and their testing.

But, if you failed to get a winning product in your store then ultimately you must have loosen your audience and money in testing and getting the desired results.

Here, niche scarper plays an important role to provide you all the necessary information for wining products and their analytics.

With the help of Niche scraper, as a beginner you can directly start your drop-shipping store with your winning products and later when you have learned few marketing and advertising strategies, you can test other products with those strategies to get the desired results.

Niche Scraper Review – Best Winning Product Tool

Being a drop-shipper or a soon-to-be drop-shipper you must have already came across the brainstorming task of choosing a product for your store.

Initially and most probably you will spend so much of your time researching a product only for it to fail!

But here comes Niche Scrapper review: Best winning product tool like a knight in shining armor to save you from huge losses and saving tons of your time.

This product scraping tool will land you straight away in the lap of thousands of products with all the necessary details like the Ali-express score, trend, competition, winning probability, Audience targeting and ad copies etc.

Finally, with no wastage of time and money on testing the wrong products, get immediate access to a list of winning products and sell them on your own store in far less time.

The main reason to provide a Niche Scraper review is to give clear insight to emerging drop shippers about benefits done by using the Best Winning Product Tool to find their first winning product.

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How Niche Scraper Offering Great Services as Best Winning Product Tool?

Unlike the other product scrapping tools, Niche Scraper utilizes one of the most advanced product web crawlers which are capable of analyzing trends and data to reveal TRUE winning products.

It offers you multiple services like which we have added in our Niche Scraper Review below:

1. Product Discovery – Product Scrapper and Hand Picked

2. Market Research – Store Analysis

3. Marketing Tools – Video Ad Maker

Here is a quick brief for you about Benefits of Using Niche Scraper:

  • Easily find profitable products
  • Get Audience Targeting Ideas for Advertisements
  • Access to Facebook Ad Reports and AliExpress Reports
  • Get suppliers to link for products from all over the world
  • Free and Unlimited access to the basic Facebook video ad tool
  • Get to know other store’s top-selling products
  • Reveal expected revenue of other stores
  • Access to the selected dropshipping community – Let’s Talk Dropshipping – Shopify Hustlers
  • Easy cancellation at any time
  • Affordable subscription through our discount code

Still not convinced? Check out how it is better than ECom Hunt at Niche Scraper v/s ECom Hunt.

How Niche Scraper Works?

So let’s dig into the depths of Niche Scraper Best Winning product tool. You can also read a separate post on How Niche Scraper Works?

Niche Scraper is having 3 major Heads:

  1. Product discovery
  2. Market research
  3. Marketing Tool

So, let’s just start with one by one.

Product Discovery – Product Scrapper and Hand Picked

1. Product Scrapper

This feature crawls other active stores in concurrent time to discover their top sales products. Using this feature, you can find products under two further categories: AliExpress Products and Shopify Products.

Under AliExpress Products you will be having options to sort your searches via category, order numbers, price, etc. and further, you can sort the results by following:

AliScore: This selection calculates the “strength” of a product and in other words, the higher the score will be the better it is going to be proved.

Competition: This selection is grounded on the total of different buyers on AliExpress for the product. We will go for the products having low completion number because a higher number of buyers on AliExpress would mean more competition!

Growth Rate: This selection evaluates the increase in sales of the product in the last 7 days. Hence, a higher score is preferred.

Recent Orders: This feature will let you know the popularity of the product through the number of recent orders placed of that product.

I hope now the AliExpress Products search method is pretty much clear to you.

Let’s move onto Shopify Products now. Shopify Products helps you optimize your searches via store Category, Business Type, Maximum Product Price, Product Added, etc.

Under Business Type, you can particularly look into VERIFIED DROP-SHIPPING store which will automatically subtract the products which cannot be drop-shipped.

Additionally, you can sort your results through either Store Popularity option or Relevance option.

2. Hand Picked

Well, I personally find this feature an excellent one. Under this section, you will be getting the products that are hand-selected by drop-shipping experts along with their social ad targeting, suppliers, selling price, product cost, and much more information.

Adding to the perks, you will also get Actual Reviews from AliExpress to be surer about the product.

And don’t forget, you can use the descriptions, advert templates & videos all for your store without any additional cost! But yes, make sure the videos are not watermarked by a brand or another store.

In case so, look for a video that is clean or make your own or simply use images and create one of Niche Scraper Video Maker.

This feature is an absolute wow for beginners as you getting everything at one place for your desired product.

The only yet the most important thing you need to remember is to blend your own ideas with all the information you are getting because there is a huge number of people who are already using Niche Scraper membership.

So there is a high probability that many of them are using the exact information and same audience targeting resulting in saturation.

So rather take suggesting targeting as examples and not a MUST TO FOLLOW for any type of product.

Market Research – Store Analysis

Have you ever thought you will get a chance to find and analyse information about other Shopify stores and not just the names and websites?

Well if yes or if not, in both the cases you are in a win-win situation.

This extraordinary tool will let you find a lot of other Shopify stores including data like their four best sellers in a row.

You can find stores using two options, Verified Drop-shipping and All Business and then sort the results by Relevance or Store Popularity.

Additionally, you can enter any particular niche or keyword in the search bar to filter out your search results.

All right, let’s get on the surprising part now.

As soon as you click on a store, you will see the store’s gold mine unfolded. YES!

You will immediately have access to the store’s:

  • Recently added products
  • Best selling products
  • Estimated traffic and revenue
  • Average Product Price and Monthly Orders

But I would like to share that these numbers are just estimates as nobody can access the exact numbers except the store owners themselves. But still, this feature lets you learn a lot from the other stores and get inspired from.

Marketing Tools – Video Ad Maker

Got no experience in creating video ads or video editing?

Well then Niche Scraper’s Video Ad maker which is last on the list is going to be a boon for you.

Although the feature helps you create quite basic video ads but this is a blessing for those who got nothing to do with the video ads to date.

The Ad maker is very simple to use, either place your Shopify product URL in the bar to import all your product images, or you can upload your own clicked or selected images by clicking the upload button.

You can add some music listed in the maker, add text bar in top/bottom, time per image/page, and an ending screen text.

And boom! A video straight out of your provided pictures and selections is ready.

Awesome, right?

But still, when it comes to buy Niche Scraper, give priority to its winning product research tools than any of these! And don’t take our words but see what the Customers got to say about the tool in Niche Scraper review: Best winning product tool.

How to Buy Niche Scraper – Best Winning Product Tool

Niche Scraper Pricing: The Niche Scraper review is done to provide you a great insight on product finding tool is available in three versions: the free one, the basic, and the pro version.

You can also read our separate article on How to buy Niche Scraper in which we have described step by step guide to register for a free plan as well as pro membership plan.

Let’s have a look at how these three works for you.

The Free Subscription

Unfortunately, this free subscription comes with lots of limitations. For ex: it has access to the winning products only after 3 days of actual addition. And of course, it gives you a limited access to other features of the tool like no audience targeting and all.

Pro Membership ($39)

The subscription gives you unlimited access to all the tools along with tutorial videos and other supporting video guides. Check out what these videos got at Niche Scraper Review Tutorial Videos.

Annual Membership ($199)

Well the only additional benefit you get by purchasing this membership is that you are going to save 60 % on it! The services and features included in the plan is exactly what a Pro Membership has.

Get our special Niche Scrapper Discount Code Trending18 and cut the cost significantly while keeping the benefits same.

This code reduces the monthly plan from $39 /month down to $18 / month (55% off).

It also works on the annual plan decreasing it from $199 /year to $99 / year.

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Before wrapping up the significant information session for you guys, I would like to share that I am personally utilizing this remarkable product scrapping tool Niche Scraper for almost an year on the basis of which I have written above niche scraper review and I am glad with the outcomes has it has saved my thousand dollars and time while boosting my drop-shipping store.

I am actually unable to think if I could have survived the drop-shipping business without the help of this incredible tool. If you liked our Niche scraper review: Best Winning product tool share us and leave comment below for any query.

Good luck with Finding Your Winning Product with Niche Scraper for your dropshipping store!